How to Clean Mold Off Grill

It’s summertime. You can’t wait to get outside with your grill and cook some fine BBQ. All your friends and family are there. It’s a wonderful time. But as soon as you open the grill, you witness a horrific scene.

Mold have infected your entire grill. You panic thinking about what to do. There nothing worse than mold in BBQ. You can protect your grill from rust by covering it but mold will grow eventually. It’s inevitable. So, what to do? Don’t worry.

In this article, we will show the most effective ways of how to clean mold off grill.

Why Does Mold Grow in Grill?

Mold is a fungus that grows in high humidity or a moist environment. These little tiny buggers are quite harmful to humans and they grow quite fast. People who live in regions with high humidity will most likely face them once in a while.

Also putting your grill under a cover can facilitate the growth of mold. It traps the moisture. As a result, it creates the perfect breeding place for them.

How to Prevent Mold

It’s better sometimes to prevent it rather looking for a cure. The most effective way to prevent mold is to heat your grill as much as possible. You can add charcoals to achieve this heat. This high heat will burn all the contaminants and the food residues. After that take a knife and scrape everything away. Finally, dry the grill. A wet grill can be a huge help to the Mold. So, make sure to cool it down and dry it.

How to Clean Mold Off Grill

What to do when the mold has already spread? Fear not. Mold may seem disgusting and sticky at first but there are some quick techniques to remove them. So, without further ado, let’s check them out.

Safety Precautions

Hold on. Were you going to touch the mold with your bare hand? That is a serious mistake. Mold are dangerous. Any contact with them can lead to harmful effects. Therefore, you need to take some safety precautions before cleaning mold off the grill. Try putting on clean shoes and long pants.

Wear waterproof gloves and a safety mask. Mold will most likely make contact with your face while you clean. Finally, put on a pair of safety goggles. Now you’re ready to fight against the evil mold.

1. Removing Charcoals

Examine your grill properly. Look for any charcoals, rocks, or porous components. Remove them from the grill. They will only hamper the process.

2. Make a Grill Cleaner

Making a grill cleaner is pretty easy. Take some water and baking soda and mix it for a couple of minutes. You can also buy grill cleaners from the store with much more potency. Apply the mixture to the grates with a brush. You can also put some drops in a cloth and clean with it.

3. Firing the Grill

This step is very important. You need to make the temperature as high as possible. Mold are sneaky. Without adequate heat, there will be some leftovers. That’s why burn them off with fire. You can use fuel or charcoals to get the fire going.

An amateur mistake to wash the sticky mold off with a detergent. Don’t do that at this step. It won’t be that effective. Burning away the mold is the best way imaginable.

4. Cooling Down

After the destruction, let the grill cool down. Take your time. After that, take a brush or a fresh cloth and start washing it. A soft brush won’t do the trick as mold is quite sticky. Therefore, a pressure washer is much more preferable. Apply brute force in places that just won’t go off.

5. Washing

After all the hard work, give your grill a good shower. Use soaps or any detergent and wash the residues away. Using hot water is good as it makes the remaining few mold detach quickly. Make sure to wash every single part of the grill. Don’t leave any stones unturned.

6. Firing the Grill Another Time

Last but not least in our ways of how to clean mold off the grill is this step. Imagine you have done all the steps correctly but you forgot to light up the grill one more time to check. After a few days, you check on your grill and notice mold are still there.

All the hard works have gone into vain. That’s why it’s wise to double-check it. Fire up the grill one more time to ensure all mold vanish away. This finishing touch can go a long way.

How to Make Grill Cleaner at Home?

Why spend unnecessary money on buying grill cleaners when you can simply make one at home? Also, the chemicals of some of the cleaners can do more harm than good. That’s why homemade cleaners can do wonders.

Take an empty spray bottle. We all have useless spray bottles lying here and there. Fill 2 parts of it with white vinegar and one part with water. Mix it a couple of times and voila. It’s done.

How To Maintain Your Grill?

You won’t have to worry about mold when you maintain your grill.

Try deep cleaning your grill every once or twice every year. If you use it frequently, then consider cleaning more often than that.

After every use, try to clean the surface of the grill properly. This will prevent the unwanted growth of mold.

Also, use vegetable oil before cooking. This will reduce the stickiness and maintain your grill’s original quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many questions regarding mold in the grill. But we can answer only some of them. Here are the answers to the most intriguing questions.

Can you cook on a moldy grill?

You can. But we recommend you not to. Grilling on mold is harmful. It will badly affect your food. You may not see the difference at a glance. But believe us it’s going to harm you. It can cause serious diseases like asthma.

Can I burn mold off my grill?

Fire can pretty much destroy everything it encounters upon. Mold isn’t an exception. So you can burn mold off the grill at extreme temperatures. The high temperature will also burn all the old, sticky grease.

After destroying the mold, let the grill cool for some time. Then take a clean scrubber and remove everything that is left. 400-degree temperature is more than enough to kill mold. It’s wise to heat your grill as much as possible to get the best results.

Final Thoughts

Seeing mold in the grill is enough to ruin your whole day. Grilling is always fun and relaxing. But the mold will come in the way. Not anymore.

Apply our technique of how to clean mold off the grill and have a brand new grill after every clean.

Mold won’t stand a chance against your secret weapons. Therefore, you can grill that succulent meat and enjoy a good day with your loved ones.

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