How To Secure Grill From Being Stolen – BBQ Theft Prevention Tips

Outdoor living makes up a huge portion of our day-to-day life, and grills have become more than just an accessory. This cooking appliance excites our inner chef and tosses the ‘cuisine connoisseur’ in us.

Grills have become premium gadgets to execute different types of cooking methods to adjust to our tastes. Some of them even allow excellent technological features to quench our grilling necessities. These modern attributes have made them desirable and expensive at the same time.

So leaving the grill in your backyard or on your patio increases the possibility of theft, which ultimately makes us think about securing the unit from being stolen.

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How Can I Save My Grill From Being Stolen?

It is common for households to keep their grill outside in their yards or porches. This makes the grill an attractive target for burglars. It is easy to sneak into open areas at night and rob the grill if it is not inherently secured.

Stolen grills are impossible to track as thieves can remove their serial numbers or separate the parts to resell them in the flee-markets and online exchange sales. We understand how unpleasant it is to lose your favorite cooking appliance, ruining your next day’s barbecue plan.

Outdoor grills are frequently used for barbecues and family gathering around the yards of houses. These barbecue plans come as a form of entertainment and alternative meal options for the mood of enjoying delicacies. Keeping your grills outside during usual days involves a great deal of concern to secure them from being stolen. 

As grills are expensive and a great source to fuel our passion, they cost you money and comfort if stolen unnoticed. Therefore, securing your outdoor grills from being stolen is obligatory to protect your investments. This article has come up with several great ways to secure your barbecue from theft.

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Physical Obstruction

To prevent stealing your favorite grill situated on the porch or yard of your house, you can create some physical barrier around the grill.

Grills can be locked to nearby strong structures like decks, trees, and other stationary objects using chains, cables, and locks. You can even anchor your grill to concrete.  This makes them immobile for the thieves.

It is best to keep the grill locked in your garage or storage shed. Even better if the place has adequate lighting. Visible and lighted areas around your yard are less prone to theft for the grill.

However, for locking the grills outdoors, use metal chains, as these are more useful than cable locks. Metal chains make a lot of noise while moving or cutting them, so it alarms the thief, and their metal structure makes it tough to cut them within a short period.

Technological Security

Smart technologies provide more outdoor security in our modern-day lives. They come at affordable prices and ensure constant monitoring of our outdoor grills and other properties.

Place your grill in an adequately visible location in your outdoor area. The presence of a camera usually repels the thieves and discourages them from entering the area and committing theft.

You can also install an alarm lock on your grill, which will make a loud noise upon any unauthorized unlock attempt and alarm you of the stealing.

These technological securities allow you to secure your grill from being stolen.

More Grill Securing Tips

Grills perform a great role in combining many delightful aspects of outdoor grilling with family and friends. It allows you a cozy culinary ride while grilling many delicious and juicy goodness on your porch.

Hence, do not slumber to ensure the safety of your valuable appliances from theft. 

We have scoured through some great techniques to ensure your grill security.

Follow these tips to secure your grill:

  • Store your grill inside a garage or storage room in your backyard or lawn. Make sure to use a strong lock system for the storage room.
  • Remove the wheels of the grill when keeping it outside and lock it firmly with a structure. This makes the movement of the grill hard for the thief. You can always re-install the wheels in your grill during use.
  • Attach your grill by welding a steel chain or aircraft cable to the deck or patio. Attach the legs of the grill with chains and tie them with a padlock. It makes the grill immobile for the thief.
  • Set up a barricade around your lawn or yard where the grill is situated. Install a lock on the gate of the barricade or fence; make it tougher for any unauthorized person to enter the area.
  • Locate your grill in a well-lit and properly visible area of your yard. Avoid keeping the grill near the walking alley or street as it makes it easily noticeable and approachable to strangers.

This way, you can keep your grill secure from being stolen outdoors.

Locks that are Useful to Secure Your Grill

Now, let’s look at some of the locks that could be proven useful for securing your grill.

P-Lock Theft Deterrent Anchoring

P-Locks Theft Deterrent Anchoring System and Ground AnchorP-Locks Theft Deterrent Anchoring System and Ground AnchorCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Protecting your outdoor appliances is easy if you know how to anchor them perfectly. As grills are one important cookware for making our outdoor grilling comfortable, it is essential to protect it from theft.

P-Lock theft deterrent anchoring is one of the best locks that come with an on-ground installation system. It provides a larger soil gripping area with comfortable 8-inch handles and helix coils to be inserted about 12 inches apart.

P-lock is made of strong Cold-rolled steel and durably built with high visibility color that deters the theft of your grill from outdoors.

This lock is easy to install, provides a valid anchoring on your grill, and secures it from being stolen.

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Metal Chains

You can wrap a metal chain around the legs of your grill by galvanizing one end of it with a nearby structure and lock it with a padlock.

This will stabilize your grill on the location and make it hard for the thief to move or roll down the grill.

U-lock Bike Lock

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 Bicycle U-LockKryptonite Evolution Mini-7 Bicycle U-LockCHECK CURRENT PRICE


U-lock bike locks are easily available in the market and give a huge space for tying it down with a lock in the deck. You can also customize a lock on the nearby structure of your lawn and hook it with your grill stands, giving your grill protection from being stolen.

U-locks are made of stainless steel and have an anti-rotation feature to provide advanced protection against twist and single-cut style attacks. This will make the cutting or unlock approach of the thief time-consuming and make it tough to move the grill.

Bolt Eye Hooks

You can also install bolt-eye hooks on your deck or porch and hook them with a chain or cable.

Usually, chains are much more durable than cables and give better inertia from rolling them around.


Padlocks are common for protecting valuables from being stolen. You can drill a hole in the concrete part of the patio and install a large eyebolt attached to a lag shield.

This secures the frame of your grill if you hook it down with an aircraft cable and padlock.

Alarm Cable-Lock

Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike/Motorcycle/Gate LockNulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike/Motorcycle/Gate LockCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Grills are expensive, and their location in the outdoor area makes them easy targets for criminals. You can install an alarm cable lock on grill protection to save your grill from being stolen.

Alarm cable locks come with a high-decibel alarm and let you know if any unauthorized unlock attempt is happening with your grill lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to secure a grill from being stolen?

Lock the grill with a strong and durable chain or cable and attach it to a nearby structure it will make the grill stationary and tough to steal. Placing the grill in a safely locked garage or storage also protects the grill from theft.

What are the Best Theft-Protection Locks for Grill Safety?

As much as I hate to say this, it depends. P-Lock Theft Deterrent Anchoring, metal chain locking with padlocks or u-locks, alarm-cable locks, bolt-eye hooks with karabiners hooking, etc., are some of the best grill safety locks.

Are these theft protection tools costly?

Theft protection tools are affordable, considering the protection it provides to your grill. Wouldnt you spend a couple of dozen dollars for a security solution to protect a grill worth thousands?

What is the chain on my grill for? Can I use it to secure my grill?

The chain with an attached metal rod is called a match stick holder. If the electronic ignition fails to light the grill burner, you can light it with a match. The match stick holder allows you to safely hold a match near enough to the burner to turn on the gas and light it. This chain is not designed to secure the grill and is easy to break.

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Grilling is one of the great culinary experiences for food enthusiasts as it allows you to savor the juicy and smoky goodness of foods, cooking it on your porch. You can relish a worry-free grilling camp with your family and friends if you know the dos and don’ts of grilling.

However, make sure to ensure the security of your grill when you are away or sleeping peacefully at night, as the outdoor placement of your appliances makes it an easy target for burglars.

This article shares some great tips and techniques to secure your grill from being stolen. Check them out for relishing the tempting fragrance of your grilled goods on holidays without worrying about the theft of your cooking gear.

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