How To Secure A Grill From Being Stolen – BBQ Theft Prevention Tips

Outdoor living has become an integral part of our daily lives, and grilling has become more than just a way to prepare food. In fact, according to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, 70% of U.S. households own a grill or smoker [1].

With their ability to perform different types of cooking and incorporate innovative technology, grills have become premium appliances that can satisfy even the most discerning foodie.

However, these desirable features come at a price, and grills can be expensive to replace if stolen.

Leaving your grill unsecured on your patio or backyard increases the possibility of theft, which is why it’s essential to take steps to protect your investment.

Beyond the financial cost, losing a prized grill can be a significant source of frustration and disappointment for avid grillers.

In this article, I will provide expert advice on securing your grill and preventing theft.

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How to Secure Your Grill from Theft?

Leaving your grill outside makes it an attractive target for burglars.

Thieves can easily sneak into open areas at night and steal unsecured grills, which can be difficult to track once stolen. Serial numbers can be removed, and parts can be separated and resold on flea markets and online exchanges.

To protect your investment and prevent the loss of your favorite cooking appliance, it’s essential to secure your outdoor grill from theft.

There are several ways to do this, including:

  1. Securing the Grill with Chains or Cables: You can secure your grill by attaching it to a stationary object, such as a fence or post, using chains or cables. This method can be effective but requires you to have a fixed object nearby to attach the grill. Additionally, thieves can use bolt cutters to cut through chains or cables, making this method less secure.

  2. Using a Grill Cover: A grill cover can help to conceal your grill and make it less attractive to thieves. However, a cover alone won’t prevent theft, and it’s still essential to secure the grill with additional methods.

  3. Investing in a Grill Lock: A grill lock is a specialized lock designed to secure your grill’s wheels or legs, making it difficult to move. This method is effective but can be expensive and may not be compatible with all grill types.

  4. Keeping the Grill in a Locked Shed or Garage: Keeping your grill in a locked shed or garage provides the most security, but it’s not always feasible, particularly if you have limited space. If you do choose this method, make sure the shed or garage is secure and that you’ve installed additional locks and security measures.

By taking steps to secure your grill, you can protect your investment and ensure that you can enjoy your favorite delicacies without fear of theft.

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Use Physical Obstruction To Secure Your Grill

One effective way to prevent grill theft is to use physical barriers to secure the grill. By attaching the grill to a nearby strong structure like a deck, tree, or other stationary object using chains, cables, or locks, you can make it virtually immobile for thieves.

For even greater protection, consider anchoring your grill to concrete. This will make it almost impossible for anyone to move the grill without specialized equipment.

Another option is to keep the grill locked in your garage or storage shed when it’s not in use. If you don’t have a garage or shed, make sure the grill is in a visible and well-lit area of your yard. Thieves are less likely to attempt a theft if they think they might be seen.

If you do choose to lock your grill outdoors, it’s best to use metal chains instead of cable locks. Metal chains are more durable and provide better security. They also make a lot of noise when moved or cut, which can alert you or your neighbors to the attempted theft. Additionally, the metal structure of the chains makes it difficult for thieves to cut through them quickly.

Use Technological Security To Protect The Grill

In today’s world, smart technologies provide an added layer of security for our outdoor grills and other properties. These technologies are now more affordable than ever, and they provide constant monitoring and protection for your grill.

One effective way to use technology to protect your grill is to install a security camera in an adequately visible location in your outdoor area. The presence of a camera can be a deterrent to would-be thieves, discouraging them from attempting to steal your grill or other belongings.

Another option is to install an alarm lock on your grill. This type of lock will make a loud noise if anyone attempts to unlock the grill without authorization, alerting you or your neighbors to the attempted theft.

By using these technological security measures, you can help ensure that your grill is protected from theft. Just be sure to choose devices that are specifically designed for outdoor use, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and operation.


Grill Locks To Secure Your Grill

When it comes to securing your grill, there are several types of locks that can be effective. Here are some I believe are the most useful:

  1. Padlocks – Padlocks are one of the most common types of locks used to secure grills. They come in various sizes and shapes, and you can choose one that is compatible with your grill. Make sure to choose a high-quality padlock made of durable materials, such as steel, that cannot be easily cut.

  2. Combination Locks – Combination locks are a good option if you don’t want to carry keys around with you. These locks use a series of numbers or letters to create a code that you must enter to unlock the grill. Just be sure to choose a combination that is not easy to guess.

  3. Keyless Locks – Keyless locks are another type of lock that can be used to secure your grill. These locks use a keypad or a biometric scanner to grant access to the grill. Keyless locks are often more secure than traditional locks because they cannot be picked or bypassed with a duplicate key.

  4. Smart Locks – Smart locks are the newest type of lock available for securing your grill. These locks use your smartphone or other connected device to control access to the grill. They can be programmed to grant access only to authorized users and can send alerts to your phone if someone tries to access the grill without permission.

No matter which type of lock you choose, be sure to choose one that is high-quality and designed for outdoor use. And always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and operation.


One common way to secure your grill is by using a padlock. You can drill a hole in the concrete part of your patio and install a large eyebolt attached to a lag shield. This provides a sturdy anchor point for your grill.

To secure the grill to the anchor point, you can use an aircraft cable and padlock. Make sure to use a high-quality padlock that is resistant to cutting or picking. The cable should be strong and durable enough to resist attempts to break or cut it.

Using padlocks to secure your grill is a cost-effective solution that provides a good level of protection. It’s important to make sure that the padlock and cable are securely attached to the anchor point and the grill frame to prevent thieves from easily removing them.

Alarm Cable-Lock

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Alarm cable locks are an effective way to secure your grill and prevent theft. These locks come with a high-decibel alarm that sounds off if anyone attempts to unlock or tamper with the lock.

The alarm serves as a deterrent, as the noise can alert you or your neighbors to attempted theft. It can also scare off the thief and prevent them from following through with the theft.

Alarm cable locks are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes to fit different grill models. They are made with high-quality materials that are resistant to cutting or breaking.

When choosing an alarm cable lock, make sure to select one with a loud enough alarm to be heard from a distance. It’s also essential to test the lock and alarm regularly to ensure that it’s functioning correctly.

In summary, an alarm cable lock is an excellent investment for securing your grill and preventing theft. The loud alarm and high-quality construction make it a reliable and effective way to protect your grill from being stolen.

P-Lock Theft Deterrent Anchoring

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If you’re looking for an effective way to anchor your grill and prevent theft, the P-Locks theft deterrent anchoring system is a great option. This lock comes with an on-ground installation system that provides a larger soil gripping area, making it difficult for thieves to uproot your grill.

The P-Lock is made of durable, cold-rolled steel and has a high-visibility color that deters theft. It also features comfortable 8-inch handles and helix coils that are inserted about 12 inches apart, providing a secure and stable anchoring system for your grill.

One of the advantages of the P-Lock system is that it is easy to install and can be used with a variety of outdoor appliances, including grills. With its strong and sturdy construction, it provides a valid anchoring solution that helps protect your grill from being stolen.

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U-lock Bike Lock

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Another option for securing your grill is to use a U-lock bike lock. These locks are widely available and provide a sturdy locking mechanism for your grill. You can attach the U-lock to a nearby structure, such as a deck or tree, and then secure it to your grill’s frame or stand.

U-locks are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, and have anti-rotation features that make them resistant to twist attacks and single-cut style attacks. This makes it difficult for thieves to cut through the lock and steal your grill. Plus, the size of the U-lock provides a significant physical barrier that can deter thieves from attempting to steal your grill in the first place.

When choosing a U-lock for your grill, make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size for your grill’s frame or stand.

Metal Chains

Metal chains can also be an effective way to secure your grill in combination with locks. Simply wrap a metal chain around the legs of your grill and connect one end to a nearby structure, such as a deck or tree, and then lock it with a padlock.

Metal chains are durable and can provide a significant physical barrier that makes it difficult for thieves to move or roll your grill away. Plus, the noise that the chain makes when being cut or moved can serve as an additional deterrent to would-be thieves.

When choosing a metal chain, make sure to choose one that is strong enough to withstand cutting and tampering attempts. And always choose a padlock that is also durable and resistant to picking or cutting.

Remember, it’s essential to secure your grill with both physical barriers and locks to deter thieves and protect your property.

Bolt Eye Hooks

Another option for securing your grill is to install bolt-eye hooks on your deck or porch and connect them with a chain or cable to your grill.

Bolt-eye hooks provide a sturdy anchor point for your chain or cable, which can help deter thieves from attempting to steal your grill. Chains are often more durable than cables and can provide better resistance to rolling and cutting.

When choosing bolt-eye hooks, make sure to choose ones that are strong enough to hold the weight of your grill and any additional chains or cables. And always choose chains or cables that are strong and durable enough to withstand tampering attempts.

Remember, the key to securing your grill is to create multiple layers of protection using physical barriers, locks, and other security measures.

More Grill Securing Tips

Grills perform a great role in combining many delightful aspects of outdoor grilling with family and friends. It allows you a cozy culinary ride while grilling much delicious and juicy goodness on your porch.

Hence, do not slumber to ensure the safety of your valuable appliances from theft. 

We have scoured through some great techniques to ensure your grill security.

Follow these tips to secure your grill:

  • Store your grill inside a garage or storage room in your backyard or lawn. Make sure to use a strong lock system for the storage room.
  • Remove the wheels of the grill when keeping it outside and lock it firmly with a structure. This makes the movement of the grill hard for the thief. You can always re-install the wheels in your grill during use.
  • Attach your grill by welding a steel chain or aircraft cable to the deck or patio. Attach the legs of the grill with chains and tie them with a padlock. It makes the grill immobile for the thief.
  • Set up a barricade around your lawn or yard where the grill is situated. Install a lock on the gate of the barricade or fence; make it tougher for any unauthorized person to enter the area.
  • Locate your grill in a well-lit and the properly visible area of your yard. Avoid keeping the grill near the walking alley or street as it makes it easily noticeable and approachable to strangers.

This way, you can keep your grill secure from being stolen outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to secure a grill from being stolen?

Lock the grill with a strong and durable chain or cable and attach it to a nearby structure it will make the grill stationary and tough to steal. Placing the grill in a safely locked garage or storage also protects the grill from theft.

What are the Best Theft-Protection Locks for Grill Safety?

As much as I hate to say this, it depends. P-Lock Theft Deterrent Anchoring, metal chain locking with padlocks or u-locks, alarm-cable locks, bolt-eye hooks with karabiners hooking, etc., are some of the best grill safety locks.

Are these theft protection tools costly?

Theft protection tools are affordable, considering the protection it provides to your grill. Wouldnt you spend a couple of dozen dollars for a security solution to protect a grill worth thousands?

What is the chain on my grill for? Can I use it to secure my grill?

The chain with an attached metal rod is called a match stick holder. If the electronic ignition fails to light the grill burner, you can light it with a match. The match stick holder allows you to safely hold a match near enough to the burner to turn on the gas and light it. This chain is not designed to secure the grill and is easy to break.

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Grilling is one of the great culinary experiences for food enthusiasts as it allows you to savor the juicy and smoky goodness of foods, cooking it on your porch. You can relish a worry-free grilling camp with your family and friends if you know the dos and don’ts of grilling.

However, make sure to ensure the security of your grill when you are away or sleeping peacefully at night, as the outdoor placement of your appliances makes it an easy target for burglars.

This article shares some great tips and techniques to secure your grill from being stolen. Check them out for relishing the tempting fragrance of your grilled goods on holidays without worrying about the theft of your cooking gear.