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Best Grills For The Money From Weber – 2023 Guide To Weber Electric | Charcoal | Gas Barbecues

This year’s grilling will be even better with the Weber Grills of 2023!

Be it vegetables or any sort of tasty meat, you can cook it all with ease.

Begin grilling anything that you want to, starting from chicken breasts, burgers, hot dogs, sausages, steaks, or simply just some grilled veggie recipe you crave.

Give your whole family a fun and tasty grilled feast rather than the bland and flavorless steak or poached chicken breast they never liked.

Not only that, but you can also always try to spice up your vegan dishes with roasted beets and corn recipes rather than the tasteless lettuce or canned beans that you have.

The porcelain-coated cast-iron grates of the grill make sure that your meat is perfectly sizzled while the drip ducts take care of the flare-ups from drippings and thus make cleaning easy.

The heat has been brought to you this summer and the quality that you need for the summer fun withstands with the Weber grills for your best grilling experience.

It is no surprise that grilling tools have got such great attention to our blog.

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Weber Charcoal vs Gas vs Electric Grill

If you are a grilling enthusiast, you probably have a definite opinion about the use of charcoal versus gas versus electricity in your Weber grill. Many people prefer charcoal grills for the rich, smoky flavor that they impart to meat or vegetables. Other people prefer the ease and convenience of gas and electric grills.

While this debate isn’t likely to subside anytime soon, Weber offers grills to satisfy all types of outdoor chefs. If you are in the market for a new grill, my reviews can help.

Come and check out the different grills I chose to review because of their exceptional quality.

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Which Type of Grill Master Are You?

If you ask outdoor-cooking enthusiasts about the merits of each type of grill, be prepared for enthusiastic answers! If you are not sure which camp you belong in, there are a few things you may want to consider.

Some people prefer charcoal grills because they get hotter and provide easy options for smoking meat. You can also burn wood in a charcoal grill, which adds flavor to your food. But a couple of drawbacks of this type of grill are that it is messier and less predictable than gas and electric grill.

If you enjoy experimenting with smoky flavors and playing with fire, you may want to go with charcoal. If, on the other hand, you like to keep things simple, an electric or gas grill may be a better choice. My reviews can help you choose the right one for you!

Tips for Choosing a Quality Grill

If you are new to the world of grilling, you may not be sure what to look for when you are choosing a new grill, whether you are going with charcoal, gas, or electricity. My guides can help you choose a quality grill that you will enjoy for years to come based on your outdoor cooking needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more!

Essential Features Of Portable Barbecues

Compact Size

This factor is pretty much undeniable. After all, a barbecue can only be excellent when it comes to portability if it has a small size. This makes it easy for you to bring the grill anywhere, even out-of-town, such as when you are headed to the beach. This also makes sure that it will not take too much space in the storage room.

Generous Cooking Area

When it comes to the cooking area, it does not necessarily mean that it must be enormous. You merely need to consider the number of people who usually are there at your party or your family. After all, it would no longer be portable if the cooking area was too big.


To ensure that you will get the best value for every dollar spent, I suggest you choose a model made from high-quality materials that will make it able to withstand the test of time. This means that you will not need to buy a new one just after a short while.


Being flexible, means that the grill must be able to perform a wide array of functions that will allow you to prepare different grilled foods for your guests. One specific thing that should be looked upon is the temperature. It must be adjustable so that you can choose the one that is perfect for what is being prepared.

Ease of Use

I also recommend that you choose an appliance that is a snap to use. If it is complicated, you might no longer be motivated to cook, and you might instead consider just buying foods from restaurants. Also, ease of use also means that it should be easy to clean so that you will be able to maintain its best possible quality.

Here I will add a quick table listing the current Weber models and their types.

Weber Portable Electric Grills

Have the perfect BBQ for your balcony with these Electric Grills, plug it in, and sear your steak to perfection.

These right-sized outdoor electric smokers prove you don’t need gas or charcoal to deliver true barbecue flavor.

Plus, there is no fuel required. Just plug it into a standard outlet, and get to grilling!

The grills are electronically controlled for cooking anything from delicate fish to steaks.

And a grounded cord is included to provide a safe connection to outdoor power mains.

Weber Pulse 1000

The Weber Pulse 1000 is a compact and durable electric grill that offers powerful performance and versatility. It features an advanced digital control panel, a built-in thermometer, and a virtually smoke-free grilling experience, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

With a cooking area of 175 square inches, it can cook up to 6 burgers at once, making it perfect for small gatherings or family meals. The grill’s removable drip tray and porcelain-coated cooking grate make cleaning up a breeze, and overall, it’s a reliable and efficient option for grilling.

Weber Pulse 2000

The Weber Pulse 2000 is a high-end electric grill that boasts a spacious cooking area of 260 square inches, two powerful heating elements, and a dual-zone grilling system. It features a digital control panel and a built-in thermometer for precise temperature control, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to the Weber iGrill app.

The grill provides a virtually smoke-free grilling experience and is easy to clean thanks to its removable drip tray and porcelain-coated cooking grates. Overall, the Weber Pulse 2000 is a versatile and convenient electric grill suitable for both beginners and experienced grillers.

Weber Lumin Compact

Weber has introduced a new electric grill called the Weber Lumin Compact that aims to recreate the outdoor grilling experience without the limitations of traditional grilling. With a temperature range reaching 600 degrees, the Lumin Compact can create authentic grilled flavor and sear marks. It also features a unique steam setting for cooking veggies and defrosting frozen foods, and a smoke infusion setting for adding the taste of smoke to your food.

The Lumin Compactgrill can also defrost frozen foods during preheat and keep food warm with an oven-safe dish on the cooking grate or using the Lumin Versatility Kit. The grill comes in two compact sizes, with the Full-Size version featuring 237 square inches of cooking space, and the smaller Compact model squeezing in 187 square inches of cooking space, making it ideal for those with smaller outdoor spaces.

The Lumin is available in five colors. While electric, the Lumin produces smoke and should not be used indoors. Overall, the Lumin is targeted towards those who are interested in grilling but may be intimidated by gas grills or lack outdoor space, providing an alternative option for outdoor cooking.

Weber Q1400

One of the best Weber electric BBQs is the Weber Q1400, which has a total of 189 square inches of area for cooking.

By just simply plugging the grill some modifications in its control, you can already enjoy grilling perfection. It infinite heat control that makes it good concerning ease of use.

Besides, this smoker model is also designed with an aluminum heat retention liner, allowing the right temperature to be maintained while cooking.

Weber Q2400

Lastly, the Weber Q2400, with 280 square inches of cooking area, is also a popular option amongst many buyers.

One of its most notable features, innovative functionality that is exclusive to Weber BBQs, is its excellent grease management system that makes grilling mess free and that also makes it easy to clean the unit once the cooking job is done.

Weber Gas Grills

Weber Portable Gas Grills


Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is the smallest and lightest Weber gas grill.

Be it at home or at the lake, you can make some juicy burgers or veggie kebabs now with ease.

As said, as the daylight lingers longer each day, the more carnivorous folks start salivating in anticipation.

As barbecue season approaches, cook your way with these excellent Portable Gas barbecues that you can buy for couple hundred dollars or less.

These grills ignite at the push of a button for decent lighting, and an infinitely adjustable burner valve with a high-quality regulator makes controlling the heat easy.

Q1000 / Q1200

The portable gas smokers like the Weber Q 1000 model are famous in the market because of their size and efficiency. They are small enough to be carried wherever grilling is to be done. However, in spite of its size, it does not compensate for quality.

One of the best features of the smokers from Weber in this product category is the push-button ignition. With that, it will be a breeze to launch the functioning of the grill. It will be quick and effortless to set the barbeque on fire and to start the grilling job that needs to be done.

Q2000 / Q2200

Another option that can be taken into consideration is the Q2000/2200 grill, which, like earlier mentioned, can maintain constant heat to achieve the best results.

It also has a 280-square inch of cooking area and generates more than 12000 BTU, making it sturdy enough for a variety of grilling needs. Many people have also liked the fact that this barbecue is easy to assemble, making it a snap to have everything installed before it is used.


Additionally, another thing that has been enjoyed by many people about the portable gas BBQs like Weber Q3200 is that they are made with intelligent design and solid construction. This makes the products excellent not only in terms of durability but also with regard to functionality and ease of use.

A couple of gas smokers from Weber are equipped with a built-in thermometer that is conveniently placed in front of the unit. The thermometer is a good thing because it will provide the user the opportunity to monitor the level of heat to be provided with an assurance that the food will be cooked the right way.

Portable Weber Gas BBQs Compared

Q1000 Q1200 Q2000 Q2200 Q3200
Main Burners (BTU per hour) 8500 8500 12000 12000 21700
Burners 1 1 1 1 2
Fuel Liquid Propane Liquid Propane Liquid Propane Liquid Propane Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
Main Cooking Area (sq in) 189 189 280 280 393
Warming Rack Area (sq in) 75
Total Cooking Area (sq in) 189 189 280 280 468
Power/Area (BTU/sq in) 45 45 43 43 46
Dimensions, Lid Open (in) 23.5″H x 27″W x 20.5″D 24.6″H x 40.9″W x 20.5″D 26″H x 51.4″W x 24.3″D 26″H x 51.4″W x 25.1″D 55.5″H x 50.2″W x 30″D
Dimensions, Lid Closed (in) 14.5″H x 27″W x 16.5″D 15.5″H x 40.9″W x 16.5″D 14.5″H x 51.4″W x 19.5″D 15.5″H x 51.4″W x 19.5″D 43.5″H x 50.2″W x 21″D
Built-In Thermometer No Yes No Yes Yes
Weight (lbs) 27.9 28.8 41.7 42.5 83.8
Review Here Here Here Here

Weber Outdoor Gas Grills

The Weber Outdoor Gas smokers electronically ignite at the push of a button for smooth, reliable lighting, and an infinitely adjustable burner valve with a high-quality regulator makes it simple to control the heat.

Meat can be cooked with ease in the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. For the drippings, the drip ducts help collect the drips and makes cleaning easier. The iron grates do not warp or rust either.

The drip ducts collect drips with ease.

If you are buying an outdoor barbecue, keep in mind you will have to protect it from snow and rain. Weber Genesis grill cover will help you to prolong the life of your smoker.

Genesis II

weber genesis II e310 vs e410

The Weber Genesis gas smokers became a popular choice for many people from the moment when Genesis II E310 was launched, because of having a generous 500 square inches of cooking area.

It is also designed with an additional workspace on the side, which can prove to be helpful in holding ingredients and other things that will be needed for grilling.

The 38,000 BTU Weber Genesis II E-330 gas BBQs, available in different models, has also been lauded by many of its users because it is powerful and can handle a wide variety of grilling needs.

Whatever it is that you need to cook, you will surely find these grills efficient and dependable. Their smokers have three different burners, which means that you can accommodate more and be finished within a short period.

It is also a good thing that the three burners have separate controls, which means that they can cook different foods at the same time.

It is also common for people to commend the use of Flavorizer bars, which is a feature that is helpful in retaining the flavor and moisture of the food as it is cooked.

The front controls have also been given positive feedback because they are accessible and easy to use.

Here is a list of Weber Genesis II models available for the 2022 grilling season (Natural Gas or Propane models):

  • E-310 Black
  • S-310 Stainless Steel
  • E-315 Copper, Black
  • E-330 Copper, Black, Crimson, Smoke
  • E-335 Black
  • S-335 Stainless Steel
  • E-410 Black
  • E-435 Black
  • S-435 Stainless Steel

Spirit II

Like the earlier mentioned models, the Spirit II barbecues are also commonly chosen by many people who are on the lookout for the right model within the product category.

It has excellent grilling capability, especially with regards to its ability to produce the right level of heat that can assure even and consistent cooking every time the BBQ is to be used.

One of the most popular choices in this group is the Weber Spirit II E210. It offers 458 square inches of cooking area, along with a functional warming rack. It can release 26,000 BTU per hour, which assures the grilling efficiency of this model.

To add, it is also known for having a sturdy construction, which means that it can provide the best value for your money because of its durability.

The Weber Spirit II E-310 is another popular choice. It is designed with more massive cooking area of 424 square inches and has a warming rack as well.

It also comes with three individually-controlled burners made from stainless steel, making it excellent in handling the heat. The push-button ignition makes it easy to start the entire process of grilling when this model is used.

Spirit II lineup for 2022:

  • E-210 Black / Sapphire / Red / Ivory
  • E-310 Black / Sapphire / Red / Ivory

What is the difference between a Weber Spirit and Genesis?

First, Genesis models offer the grill area that is slightly larger than the Spirit cooking areas, and it also has a little more BTU cooking power.

Then there is a manufacturing country difference. The Spirit models are made in China from the very beginning.  The Genesis models used to be exclusively made in the US, but now some models are also made in China.

There are also differences in the wheels, these are not the same size on all models. If you often move your barbecue and also want to move on the lawn, it is preferable to have a model with larger wheels.

Generally, Genesis is slightly better processed in many details. So this has nicer controls and made from slightly thicker sheets of steel. Now with the new Genesis II series you get a grease catch basin that makes cleaning the grill easier. However, this means that the gas cylinder had to be moved to the side compartment.

Here is my conclusion. Both grills offer good quality for a hefty price. Technically, they are both very similar. The differences are mainly in the design and the workmanship.

Those who can afford it will be a little happier with the Genesis series. If you have to look at the money, you will get a great grill of good quality with the Spirit, which will serve you many years of faithful service.


Like the Genesis gas smokers, the various models of Summit gas BBQs have also been given positive feedback because of its big cooking area, as well as a warming area.

Even if you are expecting a large group, grilling will take a short time since it will allow you to do more all at once.

The durability of these smokers is also worth highlighting, mainly because of the excellent materials that were used. Add the Weber Summit grill cover, and your barbecue will last a lifetime.

They are mainly made of stainless steel, including the enclosed cabinet. The cooking grates are porcelain-enameled.

You can be assured about the long functional life of the Summit smokers. The Snap-Jet ignition system, a feature that can be seen in the Summit grills, will make it easy to use. This contributes to the electronic ignition system, making it a snap to cook. This feature can be seen in the six individual burners of these models that are found within this category.

The transportability of these grills is also a good thing that can be enjoyed by its users. It is designed with wheels to make it easy to transfer such into a new location. Nonetheless, even if it has wheels, it remained stable and grounded on the floor when you are grilling.

Summit grills you can buy in 2022:

  • E-470 Black
  • S-470 Stainless Steel
  • E-670 Black
  • S-670 Stainless Steel
  • S-460 Stainless Steel Built-In
  • S-660 Stainless Steel Built-In
  • Summit Grill Center Black
  • Summit Grill Center Stainless Steel

Weber Charcoal Grills

The food tastes great because of the charcoal flavor these Weber Charcoal Grills give that a propane smoker would not provide.

Vents and ash catcher won’t rust, and the grill’s tripod base, nylon handles, and all-weather wheels combine, making these cookers both exceptionally sturdy and easy to maneuver.

It’s the best way by far to start the smoker – no kabooms, no fumes, no smell, no dangerous fluids stored in your house.

While there are some models of charcoal BBQs (e.h. Performer Platinum) that are meant for home use, there are also some that are portable enough, making it perfect to be taken on the outdoors, such as during a trip to the beach or when camping.

They have grills that are equipped with a solid base and stand to provide a stable foundation when grilling. Also, the bigger smokers are also equipped with a solid base and wheels, making it easy to transport the unit from one place to another.

Ease of use is also a standard feature among the Weber Charcoal grills. For instance, there are models with an electronic Touch ‘N Go ignition system to start it efficiently. Besides, there are also some with One-Touch Cleaning System, which makes it a snap to maintain the best quality of the grill even after a long time.

To make sure of accuracy and consistency when grilling, there are some models within this category that have built-in LCD that can be used as a timer to make sure that the food is not overcooked or undercooked, hence, leading to consistent results.

Weber charcoal smokers available online in November of 2022.

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Smokey Mountain Cooker Smokers

3 sizes available:

  • Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 22″
  • Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 18″
  • Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 14″

Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill 37″

The 37-inch Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill (60020) is the largest and most expensive Weber charcoal grill.

Performer Charcoal Grills

I have reviewed and compared Weber Performer grills in my blog post linked below.

  • 15402001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, – Copper, Black, or Green
  • 15502001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, – Green, Black, or Copper
  • 15301001 Performer Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

Original Kettle and Original Kettle Premium

The affordable Weber Original Kettle and Original Kettle Premium grills are available in several sizes and colors.

  • 16401001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal BBQ, 26-Inch, Black
  • Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, – Crimson, Black, Copper, or Green
  • 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill
  • 441001 Original Kettle 18-Inch Charcoal Grill

What is the difference between Original Kettle Premium vs Original Kettle? The Premium model has a built-in thermometer and a removable aluminum ash catcher.

Master-Touch Charcoal Grill

The 22in Master-Touch Charcoal Grills are available in 6 colors – Deep Ocean Blue, Spring Green, Smoke, Ivory, Slate Blue, and Black.

What is the difference between Original Kettle Premium vs Master-Touch? The Master-Touch model has a has different Gourmet BBQ cooking grate and Tuck-Away lid holder.

Summit Charcoal Grill

The 24 inch Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is available as a separate grill or as Summit Charcoal Grill Center with a work table and additional features.

Portable Charcoal Grills

There are several portable charcoal grills available:

  • 40020 Smokey Joe Premium 14-Inch Portable Grill
  • 40020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill
  • 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill
  • 1211001 Jumbo Joe 18-Inch Portable Grill

Weber Pellet Grills

Weber announced its Weber SmokeFire EX4 and EX pellet grills that are available since Spring of 2020. Please check out my Weber Smokefire EX4 Preview!


Weber Grill Accessories

When you have started using your Weber barbecue, you will soon realize that you should consider getting (or making yourself!) a few grill accessories.

Grill Covers

I have covered the Weber grill covers extensively. Nothing much to add here.

Weber Grill Tables

Many gas grills already have built-in side tables. Smaller models are designed for use on the tabletop which implies having a table at hand.

It is a totally different situation with cheaper charcoal grills. They often require creating an additional work surface. If you have to cut bread or arrange the salad, you need to have additional space directly at the charcoal grill. With a grill table, all important items are within reach. It offers a solid storage area for spices, crockery, cutlery, sauces and, of course, for a lot of grilled food.

Grill tables are usually available from various manufacturers, or you can build one yourself. Just search for the weber grill table plans and choose the one you like!

Weber Grill Mats

Weber grill mat will prevent the grilled food from attaches to the grill. In addition, the use of a grill mat or baking mat ensures that smaller pieces of the ingredients can not fall through the grate. The BBQ Grill mat is simply placed over the grill, thus providing a straight surface on which the food can be placed.

Weber Replacement Parts

If you are serious about outdoor cooking, chances are your grill has become like another member of your family. If this is the case, you will definitely not want to part with it just because one of its components or accessories is damaged.

You may need replacement parts for your grill at some point. A little bit of care and maintenance will keep your grill ready to light whenever the BBQ mood strikes you!

If you own a gas grill rather than a charcoal one, don’t worry! The replacement parts and accessories that you may need are widely available. For example, if your grill seems to be giving off inconsistent flames or uneven temperatures, it may be time to replace your burner.

Your grill may have a tube, side, bar, or universal burner. The more you know about the type of Weber grill you have, the easier it will be to find the right part. If you shop for the parts locally, it is a good idea to bring your old burner with you when picking out a replacement.


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