How To Secure Gas Grill From Wind

Having a barbeque in your garden or lawn brings you a lot of enjoyment through grilling the tasty goodness of your favorite choices. While planning for a juicy outdoor grill- day-out and keeping one grill for your home can cost you a good amount of fortune. You should arrange some protective measures for securing the grill from the wind.

Most often, there are weather conditions and storms that cause property damages and unwanted accidents for the cook and people nearby. This may damage the tool and cost you the money you have invested in it.

How Can I Save My Grill from Being Wind-Blown?

You cannot block the unwanted storms but you can save your grill from being blown away with a gust of wind. Keeping the outdoor grill safe from storms requires it to be stationed somewhere strongly. The first solution that comes in this topic is using grills fitted with its stand or gas chamber.

Because heavyweight grills are stationary and heavy on the way of wind to move or roll it with the wind. Grills that come with wheels should be blocked with wooden wedges ensuring a tight spot making it immobile. You can also adjust the grill structure to stop it from being windblown. Use the gas grills or electric grills as they are well constructed with a heavy stand or fire chamber beneath them.

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Unexpected winds cannot blow it around or over if it is stationary and well fitted into the structure. Some wheels have an in-built lock-fit in them to stop them from rolling around and cause unnecessary incidents.

Take these steps to secure your grill from Wind:

  1. Firstly, place your grill at least 3 to 4 feet away from your house or risk zones. This will help you save your surrounding from unwanted destructions through a grill being blown around the properties. This also safeguards your home from potential fire breakout. The sudden storms or wind struck can roll the grill wheels down and cause damages to your surroundings.
  2. Anchor the wheels of the grill with angled wood blocks or bricks and make it immobile. This will save you from the hassle of the grill rolling or tipping over on anything.
  3. Use grill cover to guard your grill against the rain and wind throughout the season. Fasten the cover with rope or bungee cords with a solid structure, use some sandbags or bricks across the cover ends, and hook it in a steady position. Tie it down with a nearby structure and hook the stands of the grill with a link to avoid its shifting and blowing over due to a gust of wind.

Why Grill Protection is Essential?

Securing the barbecue from the wind is essential. It is not only to save your grill but also to protect the people sitting around during a barbecue gathering. You would not want a mishap to happen when you are relishing a good grill with your family or friends.

There are plenty of stories about the grills blown into the cars, streets, neighboring lawns, and other properties causing damage to the owner and his surroundings. Therefore, secure the grill from the wind and save yourself and others, from any possible accident due to storms.

When keeping the grill outdoors on regular days or during cooking, you should use a windshield to protect the grill from high wind.

Saving your favorite cooking gear from being blown away through the winds is a must, as it pleases you throughout the year by executing several barbecue plans on your patio. Use available items around your house to tighten the grill and save it from rolling around, to ensure your and people’s safety.

Tools that Can Assist in Windy Conditions

A windy day or sudden storm can come as a spoilsport for the excitement of a true grill-lover. You might be worried thinking over the pre-planned barbeque, and way to secure your grill throughout the process.

However, we believe that the excitement of a grilling enthusiast does not go in vain if he follows some techniques and does them accordingly. In this article, we will walk you through some great ideas to keep your grill lit while saving your grill from tipping over or blown around. Make sure to use some great tools best for windy conditions.

Weight Blocking

For saving your grill, we suggest you use some links around the legs or stands of your grill tying them with nylon. Then use some sandbags and bricks as a block over those links and prevent them from moving.

Adjust the blocks in a way that makes the grill stationary and secures it against the wind with a tight grip on that area. You can use 10-20 pounds sandbags around the grill legs or wheels and anchor it to the structure or ground for making it stay put to its location during heavy wind and storms.

Using blocks and weights over the grill comes as one of the best ways to anchor it to the ground and secure it from the wind.

Grill Cover

Grill covers are created to protect the grill from the elements of weather. You can wrap the cover with a strong grasp over the grill with a nylon rope with a nearby structure.

It secures the grill from mold and rust and covers the grill surface from rain and snow during bad weather conditions. All you need to do is wrap the cover with a tight binding to ensure immobility. This helps your grill from being blown away during storms.

In-Structure Installation

You can find in structure installation attached with the grills that keep the grills pinned with the stand or gas chamber that protects your grill from blowing away through winds. In many gas or electric grills, this in-build attachment comes as a handy option that protects the cook and safeguards property from destruction.

You can even custom-make your grilling area in your patio to avoid fire hazards and heavy winds to blow away your grill causing havoc with your cooking. So make the best choice on picking the grill and customize the option to make your grilling experience pleasant.

Windscreen Protection

Windscreen works as a shield against the wind that maintains the flame of your barbeque and secures it against the high wind. Windscreens are available in the market or you can even customize your windscreen with waterproof plywood and add them with door hinges to block the wind while grilling your meats and other fresh goodness.

Place them behind the cookers and it will block your grill from blowing away through storm winds. Windscreen ensures your grill’s safety when you are busy flipping your patty and steak. It assists your grilling process from wind assuring your safety from the hazards.

Anchor the deck or grill sides with bungee cords and use the windscreen as a shield. It helps you to avoid getting your grill toppled over from sudden gasps of winds in storms. The windscreen also helps your grill to keep it lit during windy weather and allows a flawless grilling to savor your food with pleasure.

Bungee Cords

Taking care of your grill needs a lot of protection, using bungee cords for protection against wind, is one of them. Using bungee cords to secure your grill helps you to tie the grill without making any knots.

Bungee cords come with metal or plastic hooks that can be connected with t nearby handle or structure, and tightly seat the grill in a place. If you are doing an outdoor grilling and need to keep your grill in places, we would suggest you tie the grill with long bungee cords and attach it with a nearby structure.

Do not keep the cord heights more than two to three feet to save your home from any accident caused by grilling.

Bolt Eye Hooks

To ensure the immobility of your barbeque stand or grill plate use hook-links. Link bolt-eye hooks into your grills’ nearby structure and connect it with the legs of your metal grill. It ensures the safety of the cook and his/her patio and secures the grill from the wind.

You can freely work in your yard by hooking the bolts with the structure of your grill stand and use carabiners to link the connector screw and unscrew.

Grill Types That Work Well In Windy Weather

Choose the heavy grills, and provides a fitting grill plate with an option for anchoring in its legs or stands. Grills with covers and inbuilt heating options are quite popular nowadays. These grills are easy to use and safeguard your grill from winds and unwanted storms.

Gas and electric grills often provide these options, come with a cover, and heavy in size. Kamado grills also have some of these attributes and come in handy with multiple user options. There are plenty of options for grills in the market, choose the best grill type that best suits your preferences.

Cautionary Reminders

Please keep these things in mind when preparing to grill when it is windy outside.

Distant Placement

Select a place for your barbeque gathering on your lawn or patio that is 3 to 4 feet far from your house. This protects your house from unwanted fire hazards and grilling accidents.

Ensure Safety

Ensure the safety of the cook and the people waiting for food by managing all necessary precautions against storms and rolling over grills to avoid destruction on properties. Choose an ideal anchoring and windshield to enjoy and hassle less grilling experience, without losing the tastefulness and spark of grilling.

Do Not Overdo It

Over tight fastening on the grill-legs might create a hassle for you while unfastening it. Use karabiners to easily open and fasten the hook of the grill protection. Sometimes the extra tightness of the linking tool delays the emergency removal of the grill. This may cause fire risk on the patio. However, keeping a fire extinguisher nearby is wise if you enjoy grilling to ensure safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to secure a grill when it is windy?

Securing a grill in windy weather is possible by making the grill stable by putting weight on it, anchoring it with a wrap with a nearby structure, and shielding the grill with windscreens.

What is anchoring your grill?

Anchoring means attaching the grill stands with a nearby structure or deck to make it stationary so that the grill is not blown away by the wind.

What are the Best Tools for Grill Safety on Windy Conditions?

Windscreen, bricks, Grill-covers, bungee cords, nylon ropes, karabiners, etc.

Can I grill food in windy weather?

Weather conditions are uncertain however, one can grill foods in them if it is not windy to cause any damage to the cook and grilling goods. Of course, proper anchoring of the grill and windshield is necessary to ensure safety and keeping the grill lit.

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While planning for an outdoor barbeque, you might think of a moment when a pleasing smoke of grilled stuff will be lingering around your senses to savor the taste of fresh goodness in your favorite lawn. It is a great experience to enjoy, however, there might be uncertainties.

If you do not place the grills to stay in a strong-stationary placement, an unwanted storm may take it through the wind. So just, check out the suggestions in this article to secure your grill and relish the moment without worrying about windy weather. Of course, weather cannot be a hindrance against savoring some juicy goodness with your family!