storing coleman roadtrip gas grill in the corner

How To Store Coleman RoadTrip Grill?

Once the warmer days set in, it’s time for you to have weekend barbecue parties for your friends and family. The Coleman RoadTrip Grill will undoubtedly do an excellent job of cooking delicious food for you to enjoy.

But when it’s time to put it away, you must take the proper measures to prevent moisture damage and environmental factors such as snow, rain, and animal droppings. To help you keep the appliance brand new, we are here to teach you how to store the Coleman RoadTrip grill.

Storing Coleman Roadtrip Grill

The Coleman RoadTrip Grill is designed with high-quality quick-fold legs that help you to size it down immediately for storage. Due to this convenient feature, the grill does not require much space when folded down. You can easily store it in your garage, storage room, or backyard, depending on the space limit indoors.

The collapsible design ensures mobility and portability, which you may require if you like to keep your appliances indoors when not in use.

Last summer, when I had an overwhelming amount of barbecue nights in my backyard, I was thankful for the durable wheels of the appliance that made its transportation hassle-free. So, if you’re looking for a highly portable easy-to-setup grill, the Coleman Roadtrip Grill will be your guy.

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Considerations For Storing Coleman RoadTrip Grill

  • The grill should be cleaned while it’s warm. Due to the heat produced by the appliance, the food particles will easily come off. However, you must be careful not to touch the grill when it’s too hot.
  • Using sharp tools to clean the gas grill is prohibited. They will damage the surface and act as a catalyst for reducing its performance.
  • You must use only mild dish soap and water to clean your Roadtrip grill since any abrasive chemicals will damage the appliance.
  • After cleaning the grill, you must remove the igniter battery to prevent corrosion.
  • Now, detach all the removable parts from the appliance, such as cooking grates, burners, and flame tamers. This should be done to prevent moisture damage during storage.
  • Before selecting a place to store the Coleman RoadTrip grill, you must cover it with a protective layer, preferably durably plastic. A cloth will do as well as the appliance will not be subjected to rain. A protective layer of any sort will prevent dust build-up even if you leave it in storage for months.
  • If you want to store the ColemanRoadTrip outdoors, you must turn off the propane cylinder valve. You should not store the propane cylinder valve near any heat source, as it can be hazardous.
  • To store the appliance indoors, remove the propane cylinder valve and keep it in a well-ventilated area (definitely not indoors).
  • No matter where you’re planning to store it, I’d suggest you put a piece of cardboard underneath the appliance, especially if it’s on a concrete floor. This will protect the grill from any possible moisture damage.

How Often Should The Coleman RoadTrip Grill Be Cleaned And Maintained?

After every use, you must brush off the remaining food particles present on the cooking grates. Then, turn on the heat for at least five minutes for the temperature to increase significantly. Now that all the grease has melted, you should brush it off while ensuring your hands do not contact the hot surface.

Complete cast iron cooking grates seasoning should be done at least twice throughout the barbecue season. If the appliance has gone through a long storage period, you must season it before the first use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take off the legs from the RoadTrip barbecue for easier storage?

No, the legs cannot be taken off. They can only be folded for storage purposes.

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As you can see, storing the Coleman RoadTrip grill the right way is crucial for the appliance’s performance. The last thing you need to deal with is a damaged grill right before you’ve invited your friends for a barbecue night.

As long as you follow the measures mentioned in this article, your Coleman RoadTrip grill will remain as good as new for years to come!