How To Clean Coleman Roadtrip Grill?

Backyard barbeque nights are pretty fun and perfect for family events. But you need a good grill to make a BBQ that will satisfy your entire family. This is where Coleman Roadtrip Grill comes in with its unique features.

Frequent use of the grill might lead to an accumulation of grease, bacteria, and at some point, even rust! Routine cleaning is crucial for the grill’s longevity, a faster heat-up time, and, consequently, better-tasting food. So, if you don’t want to destroy your grill, you need to clean your Coleman Roadtrip Grill properly.

Cleaning Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Like any other grill, the Coleman Roadtrip grill should be cleaned after each use. The last thing you need in a grill is dried-up grease, mold growth, or flare-ups.

Plus, the more you delay cleaning, the harder it will be to make it brand new. With that being said, the Coleman Roadtrip Grill should be cleaned in steps while targeting specific parts of the device.

Cleaning Exterior

Out of all the grill parts, cleaning the grill exterior is the easiest and as crucial as the rest. The body is especially bound to get extremely dirty if you’re carrying the appliance on a road trip. Every part of the exterior, including the painted sections and the stainless steel, can easily get stained from grease, pollution, and chemical deposits from cleaners.

Depending on what has contaminated the exterior of your grill, you must follow a different approach to cleaning it. However, frequent cleaning is necessary to prolong the grill’s excellent performance.

When you purchase a cleaner, you should test it on a small area of the grill’s exterior to see whether it’s bringing or maintaining the luster or corroding it.

Warm water and mild soap work fine to remove all sorts of contaminants. If not, you can also try a solution of vinegar and water. In any case, make sure that you use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe away the dirt.

If you use any cleaner, you must thoroughly rinse it off with warm water and dry it with a cloth. A few no-go items for cleaning the body of the Coleman Roadtrip Grill include bleach, chlorinated detergents, abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or carbon steel brushes.

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Cleaning Interior

The collector tray is the part on the grill’s interior that accumulates most of the grease. This is mainly due to its placement right beneath the burner, leading to all the excess oil and grease settling on the drip tray.

Also, note that to remove the collector tray, you must take out the propane tank first, so it’s better to do so right at the beginning.

Good for you. The collector tray is dishwasher safe, so you can easily opt for that. If not, you should use mild soap and warm water to remove the excess grease from the tray gently. Then use clean water to rinse it and pat it dry before storing it.

Cleaning Grate

To improve the grill’s cooking performance, you must season the grates before grilling. You must do this a few times during the barbecue season to prevent the grates from absorbing water and causing early damage.

Seasoning the grates not only helps you make better-tasting food but also extends the overall life of the grates, prevents damage due to humidity, and forms a non-stick surface for grilling your favorite items.

To do so, use a grill brush to get rid of the excess build-up from the cooking grates. Now, use a solution of equal parts of mild soap and water to wash them.

After you wipe them dry, coat every inch of the grate with vegetable oil. Using non-stick cooking spray or butter in this step will defeat the purpose. Now that you’ve marinated the grates place them in the oven at 275-300 degrees to complete the seasoning process.

With that being said, after every use, you must clean the grates either by putting them in the dishwasher or hand washing them using mild soap and water. However, you must not let them sit in the water for too long.

Cleaning Burners

Even though burners do not have to be cleaned often, you need to clean them if they produce yellow flame, or there’s a smell of gas, causing uneven grilling, or the heat is low.

Depending on the condition of the burner, you must either go for mind cleaning or deep cleaning. However, deep cleaning is necessary at least twice throughout the barbecue season.

First, to clean the burners, remove them from the grill housing and get rid of all the debris using a grill brush. The insides of the burner can also be cleaned using a venturi brush.

The ports usually get clogged easily, so you can use either wire or paper clips to unclog them and shake the burner to remove any excess build-up in the burner inlet. Finally, the valve gas jets should be cleaned using a cotton swab. The burner is fully clean. Re-install it by properly placing it over the valve gas jet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t clean your grill after cooking?

If you do not clean your Coleman Roadtrip Grill after each use, your food will taste odd as the fresh meat will be exposed to old grease and dirt.

How to clean the carbon build-up in the Coleman Roadtrip Grill?

Scrub the insides of the grill with a wire brush to get rid of the carbon build-up. You can use a putty knife to remove the toughened debris if that doesn’t work.

Can I hose down the inside of my Coleman Roadtrip Grill?

A pressure washer is suitable for thorough cleaning of the grill. If you don’t own one, you can also use a garden hose to rinse the inside of the grill. To get rid of all the dirt and grease, you must scrub in between and repeat using the hose until the grill is squeaky clean.


Cleaning your grill after every use is necessary to maintain its overall performance. The last thing you need is to eat funky-tasting food at your barbecue party just because you forgot to clean it after using it the last time. So, if you own a Coleman Roadtrip Grill, clean it after every barbecue session and perform deep cleaning at least twice a season.

As long as you get your hands on good cleaning supplies to regularly keep the grill free of grease and debris, you’ll make delicious barbecue items, given that you know how to season the meat, of course!

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