cleaning gas grill burner tube with bristle brush

How To Clean Gas Grill Burner Tubes?

A summer morning spent grilling with family and friends feels like heaven. We get euphoric feeling sitting in front of the heat from the burners while turning the steaks. But, things get worse when the grill starts to get rusty and dirty.

No matter how much you try, the flame doesn’t go up. Finally, when you decide to clean it, you feel lost. Where to start and what to do? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here we will learn how to clean gas grill burner tubes most effectively.

Why Should You Clean Gas Grill Burner Tube?

You decide to get a high-quality burner tube because of its remarkable characteristics. The flame, the heat! Everything seems perfect for grilling. But sadly, the burner tube performance starts to fade after some time. Your burner doesn’t reach the optimum temperature. Also, you notice that the flames are not consistent, and they appear yellowish. You start to worry. What’s the cause of this disaster?

This might happen because of dirty burner tubes. In this case, you need to clean it to increase the low performance. The burner tubes can get dirty in several ways. It can occur from dirt, grease, or oxidation over time. The scaling will cause parts of the burner to malfunction. That’s why you need to clean it every once in a while.

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What You Need To Clean Gas Grill Burner Tube

You will need a couple of equipment to clean the burner tube. So without further ado, let’s check them out.

Bristled Brush

You need something to remove the stains and grease from the tube. Nylon or stainless steel bristled brush will erase all the scratches and dust.

Bottle Brush

Your hands won’t reach out the inside of the tube. So, how to clean the inside of the tube? Take a small bottle brush. Then simply work your way through the inside.

Pointy Implement

It can be a screwdriver, toothpick, or paper clip. The screwdriver works the best. But not all of us have screwdrivers at home. A simple toothbrush will do the trick.


A simple brush or piece of cloth can’t fight against the grease or corrosion in the tube. You need something strong. A degreaser helps you remove unwanted oils and contaminations more quickly and effectively. Only a few drops are enough. There are lots of degreasers you can choose from. You can also try natural degreasers like lemon and vinegar. All of them do a wonderful job.

cleaning gas grill burner tube with bristle brush

How To Clean Gas Grill Burner Tube

Now that you know what you need to clean the gas grill burner tube, let’s dive into the process.

Things To Do Prior To Cleaning Gas Grill Burnet Tube

Before jumping to clean the burner tube, there are some tasks you need to do. First of all, turn your grill off. There are lots of cases where amateurs tried to clean the tube while the grill was on. The result was an accident. You don’t want that to happen. Do you?

Also, disconnect the tank. You don’t want gas flowing out while you work. One spark can lead to a massive explosion.  Also, the pungent smell of the gas can make you feel ill. Remove the cooking grates and bars. Now that you got these out of the way, let’s get to cleaning.

Cleaning The Inside Of The Tube

After you remove the burners, you can see the inside of the tube as clearly as daylight. Take the bottle brush and insert it into the tube. Try cleaning every debris and stain in each part. Don’t hesitate to apply more pressure to rougher stains. You can also try to use a burner-clearing rod to reach the deep points.

One popular way of cleaning the inside is blowing the dust out. We have all tried it. There’s no shame in admitting it. While there are some perks, the dust can easily get in your eye. Therefore, put on safety goggles before trying them.

Cleaning The Outside

Now that you’re done with the inside, let’s focus on the outside. Take the brush and start scrubbing on the outer parts of the burner. The outer parts get exposed to heat and dust. Thus, they get dirty pretty quickly and start to rust.

Try not to use a rough brush with sharp ends. They will do more harm than good. A rough brush will scratch the surface of the burner. A soft nylon brush is more than enough. They won’t damage the burner.

You will come across stains that just won’t go away. For these, put some drops of degreaser on your brush and start wiping it. We can assure you after a couple of swipes, they will vanish.

Unblocking The Blocked Holes

You will see a lot of ports in a burner. These ports are of different shapes. Some are square and rectangular while others are circular. When they get dirty, you will notice the shapes appear deformed. This means dust has blocked the ports.

When we’ve mentioned toothpick, you must’ve laughed. You might be thinking what can a toothpick do? Well, this is where the toothpick comes in. Take one end of the toothpick and clear out all the dust. You don’t need to apply too much pressure.

The toothpick has a pointy edge, so it will easily clear the dust. Be aware. Don’t make the holes too big while cleaning them. This happens way too frequently. Bigger holes mean the gas will leak, and the grill won’t function properly. Gently clean the ports while maintaining their original shape.

Reassembling The Grill

After all the hard work, it’s time to reassemble. Put the cooking grates and bars in their original place. Make sure you adjust them properly. In case you’re having trouble, check out the manual of the burner. It will guide you through the whole process. Then connect the propane tank and you’re good to go. It wasn’t that hard. Was it?

Things Not To Do

Always make sure you are cleaning the tube in an upside-downside pattern. This is much more effective. Do not try to clean side to side as it will most likely block the holes or burner ports. Never use bleach or similar caustic products as it is very dangerous around heat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a gas grill burner with vinegar?

Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 50/50. Spray the mixture in the burners and wait for it to sit for about 15-20 minutes. Use a brush or a clean cloth to wipe the grime. That’s it.

What are some of the best cleaning tools for burners?

You will find a variety of cleaners in the market. The detailing grill brush from Weber can be one of them. They are a good choice for cleaning rough stains. Also, the M18 Vacuum removes every single dust particle from your burner. Both are quite useful.

When should you clean the burner tubes?

You should clean your burners every once a month. Any longer than that can lead to some damage to the burners.

Can I clean the burner tube without consulting the grill user manual?

Yes, you can clean the burners even if you do not have the user manual. The manual only gives you an overview. You can do everything yourself with the proper technique and equipment, and common sense.

Final Thoughts

After cleaning the gas grill burner tube, it will look like you just bought it from the store. The burner will shine and the flames will reach the sky. There won’t be any unnecessary flare-ups while you cook.

With a dirty grill burner, you always have to be cautious about it. That’s why after cleaning the gas grill burner tube, you will be flexible. Your BBQs will taste delicious and everyone won’t stop praising your culinary skills.