Infrared Gas Grill Pros and Cons

Infrared grilling technology stands between the two extremes of flame or element grilling. But the fuel source of our everyday conventional gas and infrared grill is the same. Despite the same start, infrared gill uses a different technique- heat transfer.

The infrared element absorbs heat from the fuel source and then transmits it to the grates. The grates directly release most of the absorbed heat to the food being cooked. So, there is no electrically heated air touching the cooked food.

To completely understand the modern infrared grilling system, you must first go through the yin and yang explained in detail below!

Infrared Gas Grills: Pros

First, we’ll cover the advantages of infrared gas grills. After trying out the gas grills ourselves, we’ve tried to cover everything we’ve found.

Faster Pre-Heating, Reducing Average Cooking Time

Pre-heating is the inevitable prerequisite of grilling. All the other alternatives of infrared grilling also require pre-heating, with infrared grilling winning the race to heat the fastest. The fancy technology allows the infrared grill to reach the goal heat temperature within 5 minutes at max.

Since you have to wait for less, you can get food faster. This is the best quality that I like about infrared grilling. Perfect for all the impatient souls out there! An excess of 700°F heat temperature is generated for your ease.

No need to spend hours cooking something that you’ll consume within a few minutes!

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Even Heating

The grill is made in such a way that heat will spread uniformly over the entire surface. You won’t have to worry about some parts of your food being burnt and the others remaining raw. Also, it requires less flipping and monitoring!

Thank the technology and the ceramic tile used in the infrared grills, as it will save your meat from those hot and cold spots found from cooking in conventional or charcoal grills. Just get your ingredients right and make those perfect grills. I am sure you will be ready to join Master Chef’s next season soon.

Makes Appetizing and Luscious Food

Do you hate it when grilled meat is dry? You will love infrared grills if you become immediately cranky by seeing that hard meat with no spices. The radiant heat produced in the grill penetrates the food being cooked without sucking out its moisture. Since there is no air touching, your meat remains exceptionally moist and juicy.

You don’t have to rely on the extra spices as infrared grilling retains about 35% of the original meat juice. But you need to research the grilling time for that perfect steak. I’m sure from now on, you won’t ever grill any meat that’s not tender.

A Source of Relief- Very Easy Cleaning

The mess after cooking a great meal will drain out all your energy. And if you’re using a charcoal grill, you’ll feel like eons have passed to remove the ash from your product. I don’t even want to get started on the battle of removing burnt-on spices.

The magic with infrared grilling is that you won’t have to go through any of these typical troubles. Most of the left-over food particles on the grate in charcoal grills turn into ash. To escape all these hassles, just set the infrared grill to the highest setting and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a convenient cleaning process. Some even come with the option of self-cleaning!

So, if you’re looking to get rid of all the debris and food drippings with minimal effort, you must consider getting an infrared grill!

Energy-Efficient, Eliminating Flare-Ups

Increasing awareness of climate change makes us all look for environmentally friendly technology. Infrared grilling is highly energy efficient as it requires you to use the minimum amount of fuel.

The technology is built in such a way that apart from using minimal fuel, it also protects you from any sudden flare-ups that may char your meat. So, it’s perfect for people who want to avoid any health complications stretching from unwanted smoke.

Since the ignition time is shallow due to direct heat transmission, it will eat less fuel than other gas grilling methods. Overall, this technique will use about 30% less energy. It’s the perfect solution for the ones preaching sustainable development.

Infrared Gas Grills: Cons

And now, it’s time to talk about the disadvantages of infrared gas grills that we’ve found.

Worth A King’s Ransom

Well, you must’ve smelled the fact that infrared grilling has very steep pricing due to its ultra-modern technology. If the company you’re buying from has patented their technology, be sure that they have a license to set a narrow price range.

But the durability that the stainless-steel body of the infrared grilling has to offer matches no other alternatives. So, I guess the high value is made worthy by the weight of its quality.

Furthermore, some come with a limited lifetime warranty, and you will find these high-quality infrared grills starting from $200 and can rise to $5,000 or more. But the best of them is priced at least $900.

Requires Powerful High Temperature

While the high temperature minimizes your cooking time, it also makes your food prone to burns. Some grills don’t even offer the option of low temperature, and the heat shock makes it challenging to cook.

The powerful extreme heat temperatures are ideal for grilling thick meat and solid vegetables. But you’ll face numerous challenges if you want to grill delicate food such as fish fillets. If you’re going to purchase a grill of versatile quality, you need to buy some packages that have grills suitable for grilling poultry and seafood. So, you may need to grill on a different surface.

Fills Up Your Room

If you want to purchase this technologically advanced grill, you need to keep in mind that it will eat up a lot of space in your house, outdoor kitchen, or backyard. These heavy built infrared grills are almost immobile as it is very bulky.

You may opt for some three burners that are smaller in size. They also come with handles and wheels, so you can move them around quickly. I don’t think any infrared grill is easily portable, but you may take these on camping or trips.

But if you’re a party person who loves inviting over friends and family now and then, then you should consider buying the original big grills, which are almost immobile.

Hardly Any Seasoning Options

If you are a person who loves to explore different flavors and empties the spices bottle every time you start grilling, then you may reconsider getting an infrared grill for yourself. Since the technological built makes cooking done without delay or dashing, the spices are given less time to penetrate your meat or veggies.

So, you may get disappointed for not finding that perfect smoky flavor, and you probably have to use artificial products for flavoring. You will still be able to enjoy top-notch cooked food but with less diversity. The incredible technology just doesn’t give the spices enough time to build different flavors!

Risk of Carcinogens

Modern science has a lot to offer, but these high-techs always come with risks. Since infrared technology uses extreme heat, there is a risk of burning your cooked food very often. These burns are not caramelized and create chars that may have potent cancer-causing agents.

So, you need to be a hawk while cooking, as the superficial burns may bring a greater calamity upon you, especially if you’re a regular infrared grill user!

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Final Thoughts

This grilling technique will give you profound cooking results making your hefty investment a rational decision. You will be able to enjoy consistently good quality meals every day with deeper sears, that too at a significantly less time.

But before you jump to the conclusion that infrared grilling is better than the other cooking methods, try to thoroughly assess all the boons and banes. You can then be both the judge and the jury!

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