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How To Clean Pellet Grill?

As you have invested a significant amount of your money and dedication in your pellet grill, a greasy and rusty view of your cherished grill will not be a happy occasion for you.

Therefore, occasionally cleaning your best cooking appliance after a rough patch of grilling would be a wise idea for your grill maintenance. In this article, we will explain how to clean your pellet grill.

How To Clean Pellet Grill Outside?

If you want to clean your pellet grill deep, it is better to start cleaning from the top. This is because as you begin cleaning or scrapping the debris off your grill, it starts falling onto your grill bottom and grates. In contrast, if you start cleaning the inside first, it will be greased and flaked with the removed debris cleaned from the top again.

The first step to cleaning the outside of your pellet grill is preparing the tools and cleansing agent ready for cleaning the grill. Then open the lid and start scrapping the buildup on it. Next, make space for cleaning the outside area of the grill station by removing the grates from it.

You can scrape it with a putty knife, but we suggest using a plastic scraper or a narrow wooden piece to eliminate the buildup. However, a metal scraper can ruin the paint or cause gauges on your grill surface.

Then, spray a little degreaser or oven cleaning agent on the grill’s lid surface and other outer parts. Let the cleaner soak into the residual dirt for a few minutes, and use a nylon scrubber to scrub off the debris from stubborn places. Now vacuum the scrapped debris and buildup from the area where they have spattered on.

How To Clean Pellet Grill Inside?

There might be less dust inside the pellet grill but excess grease for the lid installed to cover it from the wind. However, mold formation risk increases because of less air circulation, and chunks build up inside the pellet grill, causing fire sparks and dysfunction.

You have to be a little cautious while cleaning inside the pellet grill. You can use your metal or wooden scraper on the buildups in the places underneath the drip tray and baffle plate. It is always wise to use foil paper wrapped with the drip tray.

However, if it is not covered, you can remove the debris from the grill and clean off the grease with a scrubber. Next, make sure to clean and unclog the square drain with the scraper. Finally, knock off the chunks of buildup from the wall inside the grill.

When you are done scraping the buildup inside your grill, make sure not to use any water or liquid in it. Instead, wipe off the fire pot with a rag and remove the dirt from the auger surface with a non-abrasive scrubber. Finally, use a vacuum to clean off all the debris from the whole area.

How To Clean Pellet Grill Grates?

As you put the food directly over the grill grates, it is essential to clean the grates of your pellet grill now and then. This will preserve the freshness of your food while enjoying the luscious taste of your grilling. However, to keep it clean, follow these tips to clean the grates perfectly-

Remove the Grate From The Grill

Before cleaning the grates, remove them from the pellet grill. You can superheat the grill grate and the whole thing to burn the buildups, molds, or food residue. In addition, you can always remove it without heating it and carry on with degreasing and scrapping the buildups if there is no mold.

Degrease It

Soak it in soap water or spray a cleaning agent on the grate’s surface. It will weaken the stubborn grease and remaining food from your previous grilling.

Scrape and Scrub

For cleaning the dirt and grease off the grill grates, scrub them with a nylon scrubber. However, metal scrubbers can break into tiny invisible pieces and mix with your food, causing you harm while digesting it. Therefore, it is better to avoid using them.

Wash With Water

Wash off the remaining grease and scrape off debris with water. You can use a hosepipe to clean it or soak it in a tub full of water. However, you can always put your grates into the dishwasher, but if you do not have one, follow the methods we have shared to sparkle your grill grates.

How To Clean Pellet Grill Auger?

To clean the auger of your pellet grill, you need to remove the bottom panel and control board, detach the hopper, separate the motor, and then unscrew the bolts holding the auger in place.

The central part of cleaning your pellet grill auger is knowing how to disassemble and clean it. We will give you a quick view of dissembling the auger setting and bring out the auger to clean it.

There are a few steps to open the auger settings and clean them:

  • First, unplug the pellet grill and let it cool before you start any dissembling. Make sure to follow this initially to save yourself from any hazards.
  • Remove the bottom panel of your pellet by removing the Phillips screws.
  • Then remove the two Philips head screws attached to the control board.
  • Push the panel of the controller through the bottom of the hopper.
  • Remove the two screws that hold the hopper from the front and back.
  • Place the hopper of your grill on a stand or support as it is attached to the power cord.
  • Remove the Allen bolt to detach the motor from the auger.
  • Remove the last auger screw that holds the auger in its place.

Use a set of vise-grips or a pipe wrench to turn the auger counterclockwise and pull it off its position. Use extra pressure on turning the auger if it is jammed in there.

With slight modification, almost all designs of pellet grill have the same settings but if you think you cannot manage it, contact an expert to clean your pellet grill auger.


After removing the auger from its setting, clean it with sandpaper and brush off any rust or debris. Next, vacuum the small particles and use a towel to remove all the grime from the debris.

Lastly, clean inside the auger tube with a clean piece of cloth, and you are all set with your cleaned auger to kick-start your grill pellet. When you have finished the cleaning, reassemble the auger parts and connect the plug-in to see if it is working.

How To Clean Pellet Grill Thermometer?

Use a towel or paper tissue to clean the thermometer. You can spray a little cleansing agent and wipe off the grease. This thermometer plays a vital role in determining the temperature and decides how to use pellets on your grill. Forming grease on the thermometer will give you a bad temperature review; ensure it wipes it nicely.

Caution For Cleaning

Use plastic or wooden scraper instead of metal, as they ruin your grill paint and gauge on the surface.

Do not use abrasive scrubbers to save your ceramic coating and grill surface.

Do not use metal scrubbers, as they can break into small pieces; the remnants of those metal pieces can get into foods and reach your stomach.

Avoid using water inside your pellet grill as it can make it rusty if any moisture remains there. Instead, it is better to vacuum the debris from the grill and wipe off the grease with a towel or paper tissues.

Do not use plastic scrapers immediately after using the grill. Instead, let your grill cool down first to scrape the debris stuck in its wall.

However, the grease and buildup come off easily when it is hot. You can use a wooden or smooth metal scraper not to harm your grill.

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A clean pellet grill provides the true texture of juicy goodness and the luscious taste of grilled meats. Therefore, keep your food fresh and grilling tastier by keeping the inside and outside of the pellet grill clean. Clean the grates, thermometer, and auger carefully with the right tools without harming your pellet grill.

Follow the steps discussed in this article to clean your pellet grill and shine it exquisitely to use it on a fine summer day.

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