Do Grill Covers Prevent Or Cause Rust?

This question has been going on in our minds for decades -how does a grill cover affect the rust situation? Should we cover our grills or not?

The grill cover provides protection for the grill. It can protect your grill from harsh weather, dirt and dust, and critters.

But does the grill cover prevent rust or cause it? While some may debate that cover hides the glorious look of a grill. Why should you hide your grill under a cover? A grill is to show it to the world. Well, when you don’t, bad things may occur. We are going to talk about it in our article.

Do Grill Covers Cause Rust?

No, the grill cover does not cause rust if you take care of your grill. If you properly clean your grill and do not cover it when it is still dirty, covering it will not make it rust faster than the uncovered grill.

Do Grill Covers Prevent Rust?

Yes, the grill cover prevents rust. When a grill isn’t covered, it gets exposed to wind and water. This ultimately leads to corrosion and rust. You may think rust isn’t that bad. Well, it is. You can’t easily clean it off your grill. It gradually deteriorates the quality of your grill.

You can’t do anything about it while it slowly rusts and loses all its appeal. So, covering a grill when not using can stop this nightmare. It will reduce moisture and keep your grill looking brand new.

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How Grill Covers Prevent Rust

Some features of a grill cover help it prevent rust altogether. So. without further ado, let’s check them out.

Perfect Size

Size is very important when it comes to a grill cover. When it’s too small, it won’t be able to cover the whole grill. Therefore, it will get exposed to wind and water. Eventually, it will lead to rust.

A big cover will cause trouble too. Many small animals can take shelter under the cover. So, you need a cover that envelops your grill perfectly.

Air Vents

Air vents are a lifesaver. A grill cover that has air vents prevents rust effectively. They allow an adequate amount of airflow to pass in the grill. Therefore, air vents prevent moisture from building up.


A grill cover will never stay in place. No matter how much you try, it will fall off after some time. A bit of breeze and the cover will fly away. This will ultimately lead to rust. That’s why you need a strap to keep the cover in place.

Even when you can keep the cover in place without straps, it will have empty spaces in between. So, moisture will eventually build up, and the grill will start to get rusty. That’s why straps are essential.

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Durable Material

Sometimes a grill cover can do more harm than good. The materials are important. When your grill cover isn’t durable enough, it won’t be able to shield your grill properly. Therefore, the grill will rust anyway.

That’s why try to look for a cover made of tough and durable material. Materials such as polyester fabric and vinyl are great for protecting your grill from rust.

When to Cover the Grill to Prevent it From Rusting?

Most of the time, you should cover your grill. Not just to prevent rust but also to protect from debris, dust, and pests. But if you are lucky enough to live in a humid climate, then we recommend you let it stay open.

The salt from the ocean air can get between the grill and the cover, which will ultimately cause rust. Just make sure to cover during harsh weather. During normal weather, let it rest outside.

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Final Thoughts

We all need someone to protect us from evil. Even grills need a cover to help fight against evil rust.

So, make sure to nicely cover your grill after use. It will keep your grill looking brand new for a long time.