When To Put Cover On A Grill?

During holidays or a party, one of the most common sights is people gathering around the barbecue. We love the taste of freshly grilled food on our plates. As much as we love it, we love the machine that lets us enjoy the delicacy.

One of the many ways to take care of a grill is to cover it after every cleaning. This way, we do not let the dirt settle on top of it. Today, let us help you in finding out the answers to the most popular queries regarding grill covering.

Why Should You Cover Your Grill?

No matter where you are, the cover will increase the lifespan of your grill. Dirt and rain will damage the grill over time. Covering it will prevent the machine from rusting and decaying.

Climate plays an important role in determining how often the grill should be covered. Grills are not fond of moisture. If you are from an area where the climate is mostly humid, then do not keep the grill covered all the time. The moisture trapped inside can make it rusty, leading to corrosion.

Choose a cover that allows great airflow inside. That way, your machine will not be trapped in humid conditions. If you live in a dry area, it is not compulsory to cover the machine every time. However, covering will prevent dirt and dust from covering the appliance.

People living in coastal climates should wipe the grill weekly using a damp cloth. Dry the grill completely and cover it. This way, the salty wind will do less harm to the machine.

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Can You Put a Grill Cover on a Warm Grill?

Yes, you can (probably) put the grill cover on a warm grill if you are in a hurry. Most likely, you will not damage the cover and the grill. But I suggest to wait a bit longer to make sure rushed decisions are not made.

When to Put Cover on Grill?

As soon as the grill is cooled down after use, you should cover it. How fast it cools depends on the type of grill you have. Many fuel-efficient grills are known to hold the heat for a long time. So, it is very natural that they do not cool down easily. If you live in an area where it rains often, then you might not want to let your grill stay uncovered. A night rain might wash the grill, causing rust to the steel.

Some people like to use the hand test technique to decide whether to cover it or not. They say that if they can put their hands on it, the cover should also bear it. Wait several hours. Never leave the dome open. You can cover the grill when it has cooled down to 120 to 170 degrees without any issues.

If you do not fear rain, we recommend waiting until the following day to cover the grill.

Can I Put the Grill Cover on a Hot Grill?

No, you should never put the cover on a hot grill.

Grill covers are usually made of polyester, vinyl, or canvas. These materials are not heat resistant. Thus, the covers made out of these materials can melt. Melted cover can cost you financially by not providing the usability of the cover.

In the worst case, the cover can combust and burst into flames. Grill covers are not flame-retardant. You should let the machine cool down completely when the grilling is done. Otherwise, the high temperature can cause coercion to the cover and the grill.

Putting the cover on a grill that is still over 170 degrees is not advisable. When you are using the grill, the temperature can rise above 500 degrees. So, stay around the safe side and never try to cover a grill when it is hot.

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Are Grill Covers Heat Resistant?

No, not all grill covers are heat-resistant. Heat-resistant grill covers are expected to bear more than 500 degrees of heat. You can find many silicone-made grill covers that are able to resist high temperatures.

However, most of the covers are made of polyester or vinyl. They can melt due to high temperatures. So, it is recommended to check the cover label and buy one labeled as heat resistant.

How Long to Let Grill Cool Before Covering?

Covering a hot grill can cause the cover to melt and lead to a fire. When the grill is completely cool, it means that there remains no hot air inside. Also, the coal is cooled down, and your charcoal grill is safe to cover.

So, it is safe to put the cover on the grill once it is completely cool.

You can cover the grill with a heat-resistant cover 1 hour after properly shutting down the grill. But while using a non-heat-resistant cover, we recommend you wait for at least half a day before covering it.

Final Thoughts

The grill cover will protect your precious barbecue from corrosion. We want your grill to stay by your side through all seasons. So, this year take care of your BBQ and cover it accordingly.

But always allow your grill to cool down for at least several hours (preferably overnight) before covering it to avoid damaging the grill and the cover.

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