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How To Clean Electric Grill?

The grilling season comes as an essence of great delight, soothing both your taste buds and mind. Arranging such opportunities at home with friends and family requires you a decent grill. Electric grills come as a handy option for grilling your favorite savories on your porch.

However, the concerning part comes when your grill forms excess grimes and grease with carbon buildup on its wall. This unpleasant view comes from the past grilling occasions when you forgot to clean your electric grill.

Nevertheless, worry not. We will walk you through some great tips and detail on ‘how to clean your electric grill’!

How To Clean Electric Grill Outside

Cleaning the outer portion of an electric grill is relatively easier than the inside.

The outside is mainly the surface of your electric grill, including the lid’s sides, an open area of an electric grill, and all sidewalls around the grill grates. For cleaning the outside of your electric grill, cover the switches at first.

Spray soap water on the sides and outer surface of your grill where there is no electricity control. In addition, you can use a particular exterior cleaner for grills to protect your stainless outside.

Then, take a microfiber cloth to wipe the moisture smoothly and clean the dust and splattered grease on it. Make sure to wipe away the water clearly to safeguard the outside of your electric grill from rust and not cause any electrical hazards.

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How To Clean Inside Of The Electric Grill

Though electric grills come in different patterns and designs, we will provide you with exquisite ways and information to deal with them all. The electric grills you have might be the one with a handier size or the one with portable large infrared technology. Whatever it is, we will provide you an easy process to deal with it.

Now come to the cleaning procedures of its inside parts. When cleaning the inside of an electric grill, be ready to deal with an enormous amount of grease and debris buildup on its grates, drip dry, and other parts. Begin with heating your electric grill for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

It will help you weaken your grill’s carbon deposit and grease formation. Then switch off the power and spray a required amount of degreasing agents or grill cleaner on the grill grates. Next, take a plastic grill brush to brush the debris off the grates.

Next, remove the grill grates of your electric grill. Now spray and brush the heat deflators cleaning out the junk in the same way. Then gradually clean it with a grill degreaser by safely removing the screws of it.

Next, take out the drip tray or pan to carefully clean the nonstick surfaces with a rubber spatula and wipe off the remaining grease with a cloth soaked with soap, water, or grill cleaning agent. Next, brush off the cooking plate using a grill brush and wipe off the grease.

Finally, wipe the moisture away from the coil and heat deflectors to protect them from rusting and reinstall them.

How To Clean Electric Grill Grates

There are two ways to clean the grill grates or pans of your electric grill. One, while it is still hot after a grilling occasion, and second, when you have not cleaned it for a while. You can also see this detailed guideline on ‘how to clean the electric grill grates.

For starters, you can start the cleaning job by spraying degreasing agent on the removed grill grates to weaken the carbon mass and grease on the grates. Take a nylon grill brush to remove the stubborn greases from the nonstick pans or grates. Next, soak the grill grates into hot water and clean the grease and remaining debris off the grates.

Finally, wipe away the moisture from the grill grates to protect the grates from rusting. Now, you are all set to use it for your next indoor grilling.

Cleaning The Electric Grill Element

Cleaning the grill elements is an essential part of cleaning your grill. Because these clean elements will work as the heating elements of your grill, easing your way to grill the tasty foods on your electric grill.

Any splattered food residue or grease forming into these elements can cause the dysfunction of your grill. The grill elements are- the grill plates or pan over the heating pan, the spiral part of your grill, or burners doing the same heating job. Some grills have heat deflectors as well.

To clean the electric grills, you should know how to clean the grill elements, disassemble, and assemble them perfectly. However, for your convenience, we will give you a short brief on its procedure.

Before Cleaning

  1. Please switch off the power control of the electric grill and unplug it.
  2. Let the grill and its elements cool down and do not touch or clean it while still hot.
  3. Do not use flammable detergent or cleaning agent on the burner or main heating element.
  4. Do not use a wire scrubber or metal scraper to scrape it. It might cause electricity hazards leading to a severe accident.
  5. Use experts’ help if you think it is unwise to open by yourself.

After Dissembling/ Disconnecting the Heating Source

  1. For best results and cleaning it comfortably, clean the heating elements after disassembling them.
  2. Use a plastic or rubber spatula to dislodge the stubborn carbon chunks on it. Do not overdo it.
  3. Wipe off the remaining impurities with a damp cloth after the grimes to clean the debris off the grill elements.

Finally, wipe the moisture on the grill elements with a microfiber cloth or paper tissue. This will save it from any rusting and any sorts of spark while using.

Tools For Cleaning

Always be considerate of using the right tools for cleaning your electric grills. Using the wrong one can cause electrical hazards and damage your grill. Obviously, causing any self-injury or damage on your precious grill will not be pleasant on your grilling day!

You can buy or collect these tools for cleaning your electric grill:

  • nylon grill brush – A type of grill brush to clean the debris off the grill grates or pans to protect the nonstick surface.
  • plastic scraper – you can use plastic scrapers to scrape the stubborn grill grease.
  • rubber spatula – rubber spatulas are made of hard rubber and these tools do not harm your grill pain or sensitive surface while cleaning.
  • degreasing agent – degreasing agents work to weaken the oily greases and carbon buildup on your grill elements.
  • paper tissue or wiping towel – these are used for soaking the moisture on your grill.

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To keep your grill’s condition intact, it is wise to clean the electric grill after using it constantly. You should thoroughly clean it following our guidelines and save your investment from going ineffective. Indeed buying an electric grill nowadays cost you quite a few bucks, and only its grill-ability for a longer time will satisfy the authentic taste of its investment. So follow the guidelines to clean your electric grill parts, check out for the cautions, and sparkle it like a pro.

By the end of this discussion, we hope you will be able to clean your electric grill at home with ease and ace your summer grilling experience while serving some juicy-meaty delicacies to your friends and family.

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