Best Indoor Gas Grill Reviews 2022 & Buying Guide

Indoor gas grill offers an alternative to popular electric indoor grills that have led the market for kitchen grills, and are gaining market share due to versatility of portable propane gas tanks as a fuel instead of the need for electricity supply.

These indoor cooking grills are marketed towards consumers who want the convenience that comes with indoor grilling, yet with the advantages offered by using mobile propane tanks or the cheap cost of natural gas.

They are also quite useful for those who have limitations on how much space they have to cook – making these products preferred by condo and apartment dwellers.

While indoor gas grills also have a few drawbacks, the many benefits outweigh the cons.


As mentioned, there are several benefits of a gas grill for indoor use. First, they are faster to set up and use than outdoor grills, and generally result in food that, to many, tastes better than what you can get with grilling electrically.

Indoor gas models are also almost as quick to use as electric alternatives and can be fired up and ready to go within minutes.

In addition, indoor grills are easy to clean and maintain with few simple parts.

Another good thing is, they are more affordable than outdoor gas grills, on average, and allow grilling in all types of weather.

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These products, while fast, are not as fast to start and cook as electric bbq grills. It’s not just the startup time, but also the cooking time, that you should consider.

Also, most gas models are not completely portable or easy to carry around because they must be properly vented. As such, many of them are built into the countertop. This makes them cost more than standard electric indoor grills on average, so they are not the cheapest options around.

Best Indoor Gas Grill Models

Here are two top rated models of gas grills for indoors use and what they have to offer:

Weber Q-1000

Weber is a leader in the grill market in general, and while they typically focus on outdoor models, they have developed indoor models as well. Weber Q1000 has ample cooking space, 8,500 BTU worth of output (good for indoor cooking), and portability with a light, cast-aluminum lid and body with a frame reinforced with glass. It does have a push-button ignition, which is not as convenient as an electric ignition, but it beats having to use a match.

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Minden Master Range

This gas barbeque grill is a good example of what is called a range-top grill for under $100 cost. These products are placed on top of a burner found on a range top, and work best with natural gas stoves. This gives the grill a bit more control over how you cook your food because you can use the temperature control knobs found on your stove instead of depending on limited control options.

The Minden indoor grill also features a porcelain-coated grate design and enameled-steel firebox, along with a heat shield. These are benefits typically found only with outdoor grills. Overall, this Minden Master Range model brings outdoor cooking indoors using your stove.

Price Ranges

Small, portable models are pretty inexpensive and range from $40 to $150, but larger, built-in models can run anywhere from $500 to as high as $2,000 and above. Typically, a product at the top end of the price range also features a convection oven and stovetop.

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Final Words

The indoor gas grill brings the convenience of indoor cooking together with the grilling experience offered by gas grills. They are simple, clean, and flexible, with sizes and types ranging from the simple indoor cooking grill you place on top of your stovetop to full, inlaid grill consoles. Regardless of the type you choose, indoor grilling is made easy with these BBQ varieties.

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