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How To Make A DIY Grill Cover Out Of A Tarp

It is time for you to learn how to make a grill cover out of a tarp. A barbecue grill comes in handy when you want to prepare delicious meals for your friends and family, especially during summer when the weather is favorable.

The grill normally stays outdoors, which means that it is likely to be affected by the elements. When this happens, it may start to rust, and it will not be in the best condition, even if it is made of stainless steel.

It is possible to scour off the rust, but why let your precious cooking equipment get to that point? This is why you need a grill cover.

You can buy all kinds of grill covers, but you can also make your own at home. Let’s examine how you can make a DIY grill cover from a tarp.

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Here are the steps to follow to make your own homemade grill cover.

1. Get the equipment you need ready

You need to gather your equipment and tools before you do anything. These will be tarps, bungee cords, and duct tape.

The tarps need to be large enough to cover the section of the grill that you want to protect and heavy enough to withstand elements since it will be outside covering the cooking appliance.

You will measure your barbecue. When you know (or you don’t, in which case you can measure it too) the size of your outdoor grill, you will be able to determine if the tarp is big enough to do the job required.

2. Start cutting

Now that you have everything ready put the tarp over the equipment. Check the corners where it should have folded over. Cut off the additional parts, so you have enough to go over the grill.

This is where your duct tape comes in handy. Lay it over the seams.

3. Flip the cover

You now have your BBQ cover. You just have to flip it over so you can use the side that is not covered with duct tape. The inner side will give you decent looking protection for your equipment.

4. Thread it off

Remember, this protective wrapper will stay outside so it can be blown away by the wind and leave your grill exposed to the elements. To avoid losing your DIY bbq cover, you need to tie it down using a bungee cord or any other securing method.

Take one side of it, locate the metal grommets on the tarp, and thread through it. Finish off by tying off the ends of the bungee rope.

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  • Avoid placing your barbeque equipment in direct sunlight because it will shorten the life of your protective wrapper, even if it has UV protection. It is advisable to keep the equipment and the wrapper in the shade.
  • Do not puncture your grill tarp if you don’t have to because the holes cannot be fully and effectively covered, giving you a shorter period of using it.
  • Choose the right tarpaulin. They come in a variety of types and sizes, and you need to get the heavy-duty ones that will offer complete protection from weather elements and also from ultraviolet rays.

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One secret to getting the Weber Genesis grill cover cheaper than the original one is knowing how to make a grill cover out of a tarp. You can’t leave your beautiful and costly barbeque equipment unprotected.

Sometimes, when you buy one, you may struggle to get the correct size for your cooking equipment. Other times, it may be too costly.

The method outlined here is quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of materials. Once you have your tarpaulin, which is the main component, duct tape, and bungee rope, you are good to go.

Since you want something that can last a while, getting a good quality tarp is crucial. A heavy one is perfect because it will shield your equipment from harsh weather elements as opposed to a light one.

Choosing a large tarp helps to protect the grilling appliance fully. You can always cut off the excess by putting on duct tape.

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